The dog in my life

Just recently I had a really bad low - it was early morning and I was stuck in a dream state, hallucinating with weird ideas and images about the world we live in and how it is all a facad and actually, we’re living in little capsules - all this in my dreams and visions that “felt so real”.

Details I cannot remember, and this must have gone on for about 20 minutes, but it felt so much longer.

The one thing I do remember clearly though - was how my 7 month old pup was frantically trying to get my attention next to my bed. Like he was trying to wake me up and knew that something was wrong... Was incredible, and eventually I did emerge from my state an ask my wife "honey -is everything ok" - at which point she knew it was time to act.

Incredible though how my pup just "knew" I needed help and needed to stay awake.

Any similar stories out there?
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I don’t have a story to share…just wanted to say WHAT A CUTIE!

I have a coydog that I raised from a pup shes 7 yrs old now who does that. She lost the use of her back legs last year so I help her get around and she won’t sleep anywhere but next to my bed. If I have angina pains or my sugar drops really low she will alert my mate so she can come check me out.
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That’s one awesome dog!

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