The dreaded site

So, I had my first bad pump site tonight…I put a new pod on yesterday and all was well. Then tonight, when I was doing my bolus for dinner, I noticed it stung a little bit as the bolus was being given. I look to make sure everything was all right, and there before my eyes, I saw a red pool in the little window - thank goodness for the little window!-…So i took the pod off and the red kept coming. It finally stopped and I put on a new pod. Now, I have a nice little bruise to remind me not to use that site again! I’m trying my lower back, first time I’ve done anywhere other than my belly. So we will see…
How often do you occur bloody/bruised sites? How to you deal with it? Is there a way to prevent the bloody sites from occurring?
Thanks a bunch,

We call these sites “gushers”! It’s amazing how long they can squirt out blood!!

I would say I only get there once a month or so… often even when the site is fine, when I pull it out I get some bleeding. But usually these sites are not as comfortable and they do leave a pretty bruise!!

Hope that you don’t get another one like that for a while!

The only place I ever get bruised is when I use my thighs. And normally it bruises the minute I put the infusion set in, but I always get good readings in my thighs, so I deal with the bruising. My pump trainer thinks that my thighs are so muscular that even with the angled sets the insertion needle hits muscle, but the cannula doesn’t sit in the muscle after I remove it. I normally don’t get gushers, but I have had a few.