The emotional side of diabetes: 10 things you need to know

I discovered this very useful brochure (attached below) from the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (I also learned about them today).

If you prefer to read it online, check it out at:
9066-Diabetes10thingsbrochure.pdf (422 KB)

That’s a great brochure. Ironic that you post this on the day when I have my first appointment with my Mental Health doc. Here’s hoping I don’t get a scrip for 10,000 mg of Fu*kitol a day.

Tim - I love you. You are so funny!


It was great - It was concise and to the point - not overloaded with a lot of extra words.

Wow … that’s awesome! I wish I lived there to take the classes!!! I will tell you all though, Prozac has lowered my readings, my A1C and left me MUCH less depressed.

wow.i think you should post that on the main page. supportive and encouraging while remaining realistic. and a rousing a-men for prozac!

So glad to hear you’re doing better, Ruth. (I take anti-depressants too.)
Yes, the first thing I thought of was “too bad he’s not in Minneapolis”. We have a large diabetes center here and they have some behavioral health psychologists, but I’ve never seen them off a group thing.