The Faces of Diabetes - An ongoing project

You’re probably wondering what this project is all about. Let me explain. A few years back, when I was graphic design major in college, I prepared a very personal thesis on living with diabetes. A lot of time and effort went into the production of the project. In the end, I wasn’t sure if the story I hoped to tell would be fully understood. But, much to my surprise, I received a phenomenal reception from both my peers and professionals. The project contained six images and a video depicting how my diagnosis changed my life. Although I had to call my thesis done at the end of the semester, I realized my work wasn’t really finished. At a certain level, I had achieved my goal — I was able to tell my own story — but that wasn’t enough. I had to keep going. After discussing more of my ideas with my father, he helped me realize that in order to demonstrate what it is really like living with this disease, I needed to pull the curtain back and reveal how others deal with diabetes. He helped me understand it wasn’t just about me anymore. I needed real stories. Real people. Real faces. And I’d use my camera to capture each of them. My plan for the next year is to document, photograph and feature diabetics going about their daily lives. While my goal is to snap as many portraits as possible, my reach, unfortunately, is limited to the southeastern United States. This website was created so that people living with diabetes, no matter their location, can come together to share their stories and experiences. To tell others what life as a diabetic is really like (see FAQ for details).

Please, join me and show the world what the Faces of Diabetes look like.

I think this is a great idea. As you say must do not put a face to D it is always someone else. Not someone we know or the guy sitting next to me, or that cute girl at the office. Oh it will never be me. SOrry it could be all of those

this is so inspiring, I just read of few of the 'faces' post and I just love their attitudes but also good for non D's to see exactly what it is all about, great job living your dharma!