The first detection and conference organized by the France Embassy, Dialogs and one of the mayors of Lyon

It was a nice day, without rain. At 17 h in the afternoon I went with my two little posters of TuDiabetes at the Château Sans- Souci in Lyon, not far from my home. There was a nurse from Dialogs, Christelle and she put all her glucometer(s), tests strips and all that she needed on a table? On another side there was another table with some books of information given by great firms like Abbott and many others. And I discovered the blue meters from the International Federation of Diabetes. And the posters for this day: What a surprise, they were written in spanish… so now I know that in Franurse, a friend now, said “it was a good job”!nce we are speaking spanish. I laughed a lot with the posters and put some on the glass doors because I told myself it was the symbol of World Diabetes Day. And the people came and I discovered that , yes they went to have a test, but the went also to speak about them. 2 hours of tests. 3 people with too much sugar in their blood. The nurse, a friend now, said “it was a good job”! And at 19 h,it was time for the conference, done by Dr Larmaraud, a woman Endo. The conference was very clear and nice, with photos. After some people asked some questions. Yes, not many people because it was too late.

So it was the first detection and conference organized by the France Embassy with the great help of Dialogs, a French association who help the type 2 diabetics, with doctors, Endo and nurses and so many others great people who worked there. They said yes to my project as Mr Philip said yes to me when I asked him to put the city hall of the third arrondissement of Lyon in blue. Mr Philip is the mayor of this arrondissement and he understands Diabetes and the need to prevent. He gave us the meeting room, and made all the advertising. And I’m so happy to thank all these people for all they have done.

Some others photos…

On these photos , Christelle, the nurse, Dr Marie-Pierre Larmaraud et Philippe Castets ( Mr Philip was in Paris and mr Castets took his place to introduce the Conference.


Bien fait. Malheureusement, je ne serai pas en France le Journée Mondiale du Diabète. L’an dernier nous sommes allés à Cahors, où ils ont allumé le pont de Valentré et la mairie en bleu. Malheureusement il n’y avait rien à dire pourquoi… Quand je reviens je vais aller au salon du diabète à Toulouse. Je pouvais imprimer un peu de publicité Tu diabète et peut-être les mettre quelque part. Pourriez-vous me dire ce que vous avez écrit sur le vôtre?

(what I think I said!)


Well done. Unfortunately, I will not be in France on World Diabetes day. Last year we went to Cahors where they lit the Valentré bridge and town hall in blue. Sadly there was nothing to say why.

When I return I will be going to the diabetes salon in Toulouse. I could print out some Tu Diabetes publicity and perhaps put them somewhere . Could you tell me what you wrote on yours?