The freak-out zone?

So, I’ve been out of control lately…again.
I don’t have an appointment with an endocrinologist until September, after I move. I figure that gives me time to fix my bad habits…again. You all know how it is… I hope.

It’s embarrassing to have to admit that I’m not taking care of myself, no matter how many times I’ve done it.
I’ve got access to support (this website and my boyfriend, mainly) so I really don’t have any excuses.

Lots of little things have been a wake-up call over the past few months. Today I started blacking out after my work-out because of high bloodsugar. I know not to work out with ketones, but because I wasn’t checking my sugars or for ketones I didn’t consider working out was a bad idea.
That incident is what brought me back to this website.

But the question I have for everyone was inspired by a woman I met at an Apple Store in Tampa. She was a recently diagnosed type II… i immediately figured her view on diabetes was not going to reflect mine because of the type difference… and we were talking about high bloodsugars.
She exclaimed "oh, I know. I get so worried. Like last night I was at 182!!! I don’t know how I let myself get that high!!"
All I could think was… wow. I vividly remember a camping trip when I was 9 and I was coasting all weekend in the 500s.
I haven’t been doing that bad in a while (as far as I know), but I still don’t freak out at 180. I know you should never panic at any number… but when does a BIG red flag go up for you?

I personally would say from 250-300+
should I be more worried than I am at numbers around 180?

No need to be embarrassed here to admit anything. We all know what it’s like. What’s done is done, so better to move forward with getting back into the habit of testing & taking care of yourself.

Anything over 140 causes damage, so that’s my point. I panic more when it’s way over 140. Difference between not panicking & being unconcerned. You shouldn’t never be in 250+ range consisently.

Coasting in the 500s without feeling sick! I’d be in the hospital.

The BIG red flag…honestly above 250 gets me mildly upset. I’m trying to be concerned at lower numbers like 180 because I want that better A1C, you know.

But I agree, I never really freak out. I’ve been through too much I guess.

I still think it’s mildly annoying but still kind of cute when a newbie says things like “I can’t believe I’m 164. Aaargh…why me!”

You just want to pet em on the head and laugh.

I think it really depends on your situation. If stressing out can cause your BG Levels to go higher and you know that it does that to you…then a RED flag should go up at the point where it reaches that high. This should be the same with any situation. However, as Gerri said, “Anything over 140 causes damage,…” so it just depends on your situation. Specifically, your type of diabetes and your environment.

I personally don’t freak out when it goes above 200. At least not immediately, if it continues to stay that high then I freak out. I agree with Dino, ppl who are over 160 are annoying. I don’t want to pat them on the head. I want to smack the XXXX out of them. There are some people who can’t get below 200 no matter what they do. However ppl don’t consider that it could be worse then it actually is.

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Type 2s may not have uncontrollable spikes that happen with Type 1s, for instance, a bubble in the insulin pump, even carefully planned meals that are prebolused most likely cause a high postprandial spike. My niece’s endo’s target is now no more than 200 one hour postprandial, 160 two hours after eating. Can we do this? Only if we are home and “feeding the insulin” at the three hour mark. Her DIA is four and a half hours. Do the best you can and try to get the spike down as quick as possible, space out meals/snacks. 250 plus, she is there still, at least once a day, usually. We get her back into range as quickly as possible. Refining will not be possible for us, until we start with cgms, later next week, hopefully. No, we do not freak out at 180. We do stress if she is high and we can’t get her down, which can happen sometimes. Unfortunately, I do think the Type 2 targets are accurate, 140 and below. It is not achieveable for us. Maybe as an adult with a very low carb diet…

My “uh-oh” level is about 200. Unless I mess up, I am almost never over that, even after meals. A 180 doesn’t necessarily phase me, depending on the timing… it might be fine… depends on what I ate, how much insulin I took, etc.

I prefer to be less than 150 most of the day, and I usually am. I just have to be thankful I’m a T1… and I can actively DO something to bring down a high - I can’t imagine how helpless many T2’s feel when they see higher #'s - it has to be very frustrating.

Yes Sarah. Im a T2 and spikes in BG such as that are indeed very frustrating. I am not on any shots and rely pretty much on oral medication, diet and exercise. So when BG goes up for me, anything higher than 150, makes me worried sometimes.

I dunno… I guess I get upset if it’s over 150, but I just correct and it doesn’t bother me much…
when it hits 200, I’m aggravated, but I just correct and I know I’ll be okay.
Over 300 I start getting moody, but still I wouldn’t consider it panicky.

I guess I panic panic at 400 or so.

My A1c is okay, I think - I’m finding out my current number next month at my appt, but I’m not worried too badly about it all.
I’ve been through a lot of Dka and insulin shock comas, so the numbers don’t phase me so much anymore because I know how to fix most everything.

Plus if I stress, it’s only going to make the BG go up more anyway-so why bother? I’m never over 250 for more than a half hour (usually after I eat, or after a workout)

When it’s low, I don’t panic unless it’s under 30. haha.

I wish someone close to you, maybe your boyfriend, would take a more active interest in how you control your diabetes and kept pressure on you.

It’s sad to see someone as intelligent as you appear to be wasting away. Just because you cannot see your blood vessels thickening and your eyes, kidneys, nerves deteriorating being constantly bathed in sugar syrup doesn’t mean it’s not happening to you. And most of this stuff is irreversibly beyond a point.

You need therapy.

Damn John how do you really feel?


Pressure from others isn’t usually helpful. Support, yes. Pressure/nagging, no.

if she needs therapy then i would say all of us need therapy
You should read my blog about why diabetes don’t take care of themselves, heck read my top ten
i guess my tattoos are appropriate for you comment, i’m covered in skulls.
I wish it was easy as one two three, but guess what it’s not
How is one suppose to take care of themselves if they can’t first handle it emotionally
or should we all should be scared to death of numbers?
this ISN’T a place where we come to be criticized
your insensitivity is beyond me in this discussion and environment that is tudiabetes

Paige, we’re so glad you’re back. I test a lot, and I’m on the pump, so it’s all short-acting insulin in there. If I have a problem with having my infusion set in an area with bad absorption(my worst problem), I can get a high number very quickly. I rarely go more than three hours without a test, except at night when I’m asleep. I’m with Sarah, about 200 is my “uh-oh”. That’s when I start to wonder if I should change out my set.

I know how you are feeling right now, I did what you are doing now for a long, long time. All you can do is get back into testing and taking care of yourself. Beating yourself up won’t help motivate you at all! You have taken the first step because you are being honest with yourself, good job! Use these experiences as motivation while you try to get back into control, you can do this!

I agree it has to be harder for a t2 who can’t take insulin to fix a high BG. I am working hard at not freaking out about the high numbers anymore but trying to look at them as data I can use to fix a problem. I still get that panicky feeling if the BG goes over 250 but I just chill out and try to be rational :).

When I was going off control I wished, many times, that someone would take interest in me and try to talk me into getting back in control. Unless there is someone reminding me of how important control is, and periodically asking me to show my pre- and post-prandial numbers, I feel quite comfortable letting my control go. But that’s me, and I’ve been where Paige has been.

I’m sorry if my reply offended some of you. But I say it as I see it.

Cruel words

Cruel words, John.

wow. I winced when I saw your input, John. You should read the other forum “Help=Horrible Dr”. You can help someone by not threatening what we all know is going to happen.

You don’t have to be so crude in your judgements and your statements- especially when you don’t even know her, or her boyfriend. You have no idea what her life is like- so why the judgement on her entire surroundings?

That’s just terrible.

Maybe you need therapy? Do you have unresolved anger/ resentment towards someone that you wished had stepped in to tell you what to do with your D life?

I have seen the other forum. That was a legit complaint - she was in good control and suffered DKA because of steroids and the doc didn’t simply see it that way. Paige is different - her’s is a cry for help. She openly admits to not doing anything to control her sugars.

I have been in her situation. I am in therapy. I know what it’s like when nobody pressures you at all and when people you care about put some pressure on you and show concern about your health.

Paige, I’ll take any level as long as I can explain why I’m at that level. 360 is ok if I ate something and didn’t correctly dose for it. 35 same thing. But if I am at 200 and ate something I know I correctly dosed for and I know my correction was right it makes me cranky. I have been more than 230 all morning and I have changed infusion sets, done the normal fixes and still 219 now. Sometimes I think it is my body trying to ■■■■ me off. Do I want better numbers, sure. Do I work for them, yes. Do I get all out of sorts, no.
I’ve been doing this far to long to get worked up over a number. My thought right now is to calibrate the meter. If you stress about all of your numbers the stress will wack you out. Worry about you and the big picture, decide something 30 or so years in the furure you want to do and do what it takes to get there. For me it is to walk my daughters down the isle and get to know my grandchildren. I would love to say great-grandchildren but that is a bit too far off.