The fundumentls of avoiding DKA

I've had a very very bad week. But I mean VERY bad.
Last week got the common cold. A little sniff sniff here and there. This week I had one of my most worst dizziness brake outs ever.
As a result - My sugar started to go up.
But little old me....
Checking often - writing everything down. Drinking A LOT and taking extra insulin. And I've had some high numbers - and ketones. But not dka. Which makes me realize that even with high BG numbers and ketones - as long as you drink - you'll be just fine....

(1) I've been diabetic for 12 years now. But I only had DKA for the first time - 2 months ago.
(2) I went on the pump a month ago!!! yapee!
(3) although it's not an infection (my doctor double checked my urine - and no uti. Hospital also check for anything like a heart thing today. Nothing there. But I guess the "normal - What-the-hell-is-going-on-with-me-now stress" is what's causing stress hormones.

(4) I've other things besides diabetes. But I've been really suffering from stuff that has yet to be diagnosed and I know I'm getting more and more depressed about it.

Stop winding yourself up as much as you can...

Look, high numbers can and DO happen every so often. "Spank them", and stop frustrating yourself. Blood sugar is like a three year old child with a temper tantrum. Things happen. The trick is never to get sucked into the tantrums.

Dizzy can be lots of things which are entirely unrelated to the diabetes entirely. You could have a virus that kicked your butt, and made you dizzy. Could be blood pressure. Could well have been sugar or a host of other things, but unless you were attached to a CGM you will not know if that "dizzy" was your sugar screwing with you. Could have been a HUGE rise that happened real quickly, might have been a free-fall.

The moment you took the test to get a sense of what happened... your blood sugar could have been snickering at you like a cartoon caricature. A test is only that second in time, as such, it will tell you very limited information. It you could have plotted the graph in five minute intervals for the thirty minutes before and after that "dizzy", would have been valuable information. As such, hard to pin down easily.

Has the dizzy happened before? Is it a habit?

Go stand in front of your mirror and tell the diabetes, the dizziness to go take a hike. Then you're going to spend the next five minutes making funny faces at it (in the mirror) and do not stop until those five minutes are up.

It never hurts to mock, and tease the diabetes. We govern, not it !!!!