The future of Social Networks: TuDiabetes will be a part of it

Today, is featured on the blog of Marc Andreessen.

For those that don’t know who Marc is:
-He wrote the first popular web browser (Mosaic), back in 1993.
-He co-founded Netscape in 1994.
-More recently, he co-founded, the platform that runs on.

The implications of what Marc writes on his blog about (mentioning TuDiabetes) are very important.

Bottom line, it means that if you have accounts with numerous different networks/sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you could technically pull into your member profile in a single site (such as the functionality you want from those other sites, resulting in a more streamlined experience that doesn’t “require” you to visit a multitude of web sites to participate of different experiences or be in-the-know about the different matters that interest you.

Personally, this sounds like the future of social networks to me: and TuDiabetes will be a part of it! :slight_smile:

Marc Andreessen is a genius. He has done more to change the face of the internet than most people can even imagine. And again, he doesn’t stop, he keeps working at it.

Also, you can watch this great video, which was even picked up by CNNMoney today: