The Game of Doublets--Reboot f


Shooter is ok, last valid word

Shooters is not, already played.


hooter was played 20 days ago by @MM1

Does that leave us going back to hotter?

I’m finding it hard to tell in the search box where this round began.




The round started with bang, on April 1.
Entry 2123.

I missed seeing hooter already played.

So we are back to hotter as last valid word, and maybe we should declare hotter as winner and start new round !!!

Oops, now I see that hotter was a duplicate when thas played it.


Why don’t we just start a new game and call it a day on this epic round?


I agree. Let’s call it a draw.


i agree but who starts the new word?


We can talk about it all weekend – or we can just take steps and start. So…













Sorry folks for not being online to help with this. Potter was a duplicate but it was not challenged within 10 plays which makes it a valid play

Since “Potter” by @MM1 was technically a valid word any plays after were also valid. This game when went off course when @MM1 mistakenly challenged “Potter”. The last valid play at the time was “Splatters” by @Amy2 after which the play was mistakenly resumed with “Hotter” but this error was never challenged so it remained valid.

From the word “Hotter” play strayed once or twice but was corrected and the game was still on track when @Thas played “Scooter”.

I agree with the solution, the game had become complicated. It worked out well that @Thas started the new round because technically he won the round, unless someone objects I will record “Scooter” by Thas as the winner.

Reasoning through this has taxed my brain, I thing I need to go lay down.








That was fast.

Just to clarify after a winning word everything good?


The new word (on the eve of) is …