To my knowledge the gobblygook has been in our family for generations in times of crisis he is always there to lend a helping hand having someone outside the family look at a problem can be very useful at times, but having been around for generations in our family grandad knew him his dad knew him my dad knew him and now I know him, he is not a big Rabbit a goose or a gander a turtle of a bird not even something from down under, how best to describe him well imagine a beam of sunlight bursting through your bedroom window as the Sun rises,or a shooting star passing in the heavens above well he is a bit like that full of sunshine and showered in Moon dust, or a bowl of hot piping porridge even a tasty apple pie,my gobblygook is all of those things a shadow in the corner or a soft pat on the shoulder I see him m these days as I grow older and older,when I stood on the bridge looking down at the water I heard a quite voice say do you think you oughta, I have been on that bridge so many times before usually when life has left me crawling on the floor,the other day i felt so bad my thoughts made me ill,but there he was come on friend sit down and take your pill,grandad told me stories of times in the Western Front deep in the filthy trenches up to his neck in mud,never worry sweet child the gobblygook will make you smile,my father once did say life can be so cruel, without my little gobblygook I too would look a fool.

It is in his nature to comfort me,to tell me stories of how life should really be, but it is not up to use only the gobblygook can see,so my friend sleep tight and let the gobblygook fly away on this winters night.