The Google insulin pump

After seeing everything that Google has been into lately, I was wondering when they are going to come out with their own insulin pump.

Granted, they will most likely partner with an existing medical device company, but they will still have quite and impact on the insulin pump community.

Some possible features would include built-in wifi capability so that the pump can connect directly to the internet, and settings can be acessed and changed remotely by a doctor, etc.

If anybody else has an idea as to what the Google insulin pump would be like, please comment and give your ideas.

Google? How about Apple coming out with the iPumjp? What a device that would be, listen to music, watch a video and pump insulin at the same time. Cool. Hey did I just invent something?

I think letting my doctor access my pump settings would be the most terrible idea! Google should stick with the internet related business and not venture into medical devices.

The features I look for in a pump:

  • Simple to use
  • Accurate dosing
  • Long-lasting, user-replaceable rechargeable battery
  • Black and white screen to minimize battery drain
  • Complete control over all settings
  • Easy sync to a computer, preferably with a USB cable that can also charge while it syncs

Some of these are met by the MM722 pump that I use and I’m happy with it.

That’s all I can think of right now.

You have to admit John. This is very interesting but like you. I don’t think I want my medical records opened for who know’s who could view.

If all they can do is view then it’s no big deal…it’s the ability to change settings remotely that freaks me out! I trust my endo for writing prescriptions and lab tests only and not for any advise on pump settings. I consider myself to be much more knowledgeable about that than my endo.

I’m not saying that I like this idea, but it seems very plausible that Google would experiment with such a feature.

Oh yeah; do not screw with my settings. I might not be smarter than an endo, but I do know what works for me.

Nope…Googlers would never think that this would be a good idea…I’m sure there are at least a few of them who are themselves Type-1s and wouldn’t dream of ceding control of their pump to their doc.

Actually, this isn’t a bad idea… Google Beta status takes about as long to be removed as FDA approval. 5 years after introduction, it would probably be out of beta and ready to use :slight_smile:

if they were to come out with a pump, it definitely be the best and most versatile pump when it exits beta testing and FDA approval and enters the market

I can’t wait for a simple “data” logging system - where at the moment I have my pump but can’t enter what I eat, or if I could just log my meals and exercise on my tester! Then gathering and using data would be easier, and more frequent. Getting the Carelink system soon so I hope this will at least work with my OneTouch Select!

It’s the ads that would drive me crazy…and…the “you are now under our control” feeling when it is attached.

Ok did you mention that you turn over your phone and there is a scale that not only tells you how much you consume but links the amount into your diary and the photo that you take gets sent to the dietitian so they decide weather to call you and remind you that you are a diabetic of course just ringing a special ring tone is enough to waken you right out of your stupor. All kidding i could build it in a month.

If Google made a pump, there’d be privacy concerns and people would be worried they were letting the food companies know what we were eating.

If Google made a pump, it would make suggestions. “You bolused for a Hershey Bar. Did you mean a Peanut Butter Cup?”

If Google made a pump, it would remember what I bolused last time at that restaurant.

If Google made a pump, you could plug in any infusion set from any manufacturer.

If Google made a pump, I’d want one. Bad. :wink:

If google made a pump, it would use location services to adjust your basal rate automatically when visiting your mother-in-law! (110% for stress) haha