The guilt that goes with parenting

It was always so easy to discipline before. It is easy to set limits and boundaries for a healthy kiddo. No problem at all! But what about when they are not healthy? What about when the disease they have can screw with their behavior?

It is always this guessing game. Is this brattiness? Is it her blood sugar? How much do we let slide? So little control over the body she lives in… Let her run with it a little on the outside?

I don’t know that I will ever get this. I want to be patient , consistent, always keep my cool. But damn it if I am not tired, worn out, and struggling.

I have this beautiful child. She is bright. SHe is wise beyond her years. She has responsibilities in life that grown ups can’t handle… But she is also a tough one. More energy than imaginable… She feels everything to the extreme, there is no grey with Anya. There are days I could pull my hair out when dealing with her…

Today though, like all the other days, I will not pull my hair out. I will go in and kiss her on the forehead. I will test her blood while she sleeps and listen to her lungs. I will kiss her again and tuck her in snug. I will try to sleep and start new tomorrow.

Your a fabulous mother and parent. As a former child with diabetes, who is now well into adulthood, you will find what works. She will always love you and always be a challenge.
And someday, when she’s older, she will be in awe about how much you did for her, diabetes and otherwise. Thanks for sharing!

I live with everymother her worries & fear for her diabetic child.Your love& care will be rewarded with good control & happy tough child