The Importance of putting your supplies AWAY before going out into public

So I have to share this “DOH!” moment with you all.

I put 2 new syringes in my back pocket on my way out the door on Saturday. I was making a quick run to the library and figured I’d put them in my purse when I got in the car. Well, I forgot.
Apparently on the way to the library door, the syringes fell out onto the ground. Ok- you might think, no biggie right? WRONG.

So I finish up in the library and head back to the car, passing a police officer on my way out. As I round the back of my car, I see my syringes lying on the ground. So naturally, I pick them up and make a mental note to discard them when I get home. I was waiting for my friend so I just got comfy with my book to wait. That’s when I see and HEAR the police officer talking to someone directly behind my car. I gleaned from their conversation they were talking about the syringes. So I stepped out of my car and said to the officer “Are you looking for syringes?” to which he replied “yes”. So I said “Oh, those are mine.” It is important to note when making a statement of ownership that you should always add the words “I AM DIABETIC”. Without those words, officers tend to question you a bit more thoroughly.

Just thought I’d share that particular bit of stupidity with you all for a good laugh.

Hahaahahhaha so funny.
I wonder what was going on inside his

haha come get some… Ahh you made my day :slight_smile: