The Irony Continues

I'm finally convinced the world wants to kill me lol.

Not only did I win 2000 pieces of candy over the summer...
I just won a contest for A YEAR'S SUPPLY OF FROZEN YOGURT!!!!!

A new yogurt store opened up and they had a drawing. and I WON!!!!

If I randomly stop posting... y'all will know what happened...

Maybe you should play the lottery, LOL!

I've tried that... hasn't paid off yet lol

LOL! Thanks for sharing!

That's both awesome, and ironic. Haha.

Maybe they have sugar-free, or low-carb frozen yogurt? :P

they have "no sugar added" chocolate and vanilla. I asked one of the employees about nutrition info, but he just looked at me all confused... I'll probably ask a manager next time i'm in there.

all else fails, I should be able to figure out how to bolus for it by next year.

Not sure if this is good luck or bad luck, but you will sure be popular with your friends and family.

LOL, great story, its better to have good luck than no luck at all...

LOL!!! And TimmyMac wins again!!! Now give it away to a good friend! LOL!

So funny! The universe sure has an ironic sense of humor.

You think this is ironic. It is however a conspiracy. What better way to minimize the financial impact of a whole year's worth frozen yogurt than to award it to someone who can't eat it.

This is like inviting someone to your party who you know cannot make it.

It's just something for you to laugh at, perhaps you can barter with your friends (I'll give you a Frozen Yogurt if you give me your XBox? Good luck with that one).

When I was 13, I won a "Guess how many (chocolate, foil-wrapped) coins are in the black kettle"... as St. Patrick's day promotion. There were something like 950 of them, and I was off by ten or so. I declined the chocolate, but they gave me $50. If I remembered what the place was, I'd give them a promotion on here, but it was a long time ago (1987) and this is probably the wrong audience anyway.

@bsc ... that makes complete sense! I need to spread the word that companies are giving away prizes to ineligible participants to save money! It has to be stopped!

I once won a year’s supply of Juicy Fruit - a box showed up every month for a year…not even a fan of the stuff, still don’t know how that happened!! LOL!

You should auction off the prize and donate the money :wink:

well, good news (for my blood sugars at least) I can only use the coupon once a week and up to $4 of yogurt (approx 9 oz) so maybe I WON'T put myself in a coma lol