The JDRF Research Summit Saturday 29, 2011

Thanks to Manny and his team, we have successfully launched a seriously big research summit in Bethesda Maryland! When we started planning a few short months ago, our goal was to reach 150 people, and we would hope for 250, but we thought that was a long shot! Well surprise! We have 455 registered and a waiting list!!

Perhaps the greatest satisfaction is that this should be a message to FDA and Pharma that we patients need to hear about what’s in the pipeline! Sadly, when Merck purchased SmartInsulin, Dr. Zion had to withdraw from the summit. He was as disappointed as we were, but this was the direction they needed to take to insure that they meet their deadlines, guidelines and regulatory obligations. Dr. Ed Damiano graciously stepped in for Dr. Zion and the show is on!

For those who could not make it, or for those on the waitlist, we have great news! Ginger Vieira will be blogging live from the summit from the site. Here’s the link to her page for anyone interested in following the day’s event! HealthCentral sponsored a bloggers table and we have some great people joining us!

We will also be tweeting live and you can follow our feed #JDRFsummit!

Again, my thanks to everyone here for spreading the word, building the excitement and we’ll make sure if you can’t be at summit, you can still be included!

Thanks for the update. Excited to hear about the summit!

That’s great. I can’t wait to read about it.

Great. So much for my procrastination. I’ll never get in now. Guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through Ginger and others there.

BSC! You can add yourself to the waiting list, call JDRF Capitol Chapter. I think the wait list is not huge, and you never know!

Thanks for the suggestion. It is hard, I have a family commitment and am torn. Dan Hurley will be there and I really enjoyed his book. You didn’t even give the website you know (

The reason I didn’t give the website was at the time the registration was closed and it was already on the front page of TuD under events. Well the day is less then 12 hours away! Woohoo! :slight_smile:

Would love to hear info from anyone who atteneded this Summit!!!

It took me a few minutes to track this down, but Ginger’s blog of the even is actually on Ann’s page on And there is even a picture. And just in case you were wondering, I never was able to get my schedule under control so as far as anyone actually knows, my face does look like this.