The Jester King

A poem from Diagnosis Day.

The Jester King.

I once was the king,
The mistress,
The thing.

With tongue of liquor and lies,
Who could resist me?
Perched high on a throne of leather
And pine,
Your heart was my crown,
You tattered soul my scepter.

Amber and clear,
Clouds billowing with bliss,
The powders of white,
Stealing your kiss.

Wife or a mother?
The love of another?
No mind.
For my kingdom is temporary
Shame will not linger.

A thousand daggers shall bleed me,
Crimson and sweet
My strength pours from my flesh,
Weak is my body and soul.
My empire crumbles before me.

One more moment please?
One more moment as the King!
Off of my throne I have fallen drunk,
Laughter in their eyes,
Shame in mine.

I once was the King,
Now a Jester,