The last 4 years


lots of things happen in 4 year. Especially when you are me.. I have gotten to do the drive nearly all of i90 a few times. Which reminds me. On long distance drives the temptation is to allow yourself to run a bit high to avoid the potential of running low. 8^( Bad idea, I have fallen into that trap and it sucked. Just remember that a 5 minute bathroom break will cost you 20. If you let yourself run high you are now going to be fighting driving dehydration, and stopping a lot more than is needed. When driving cross country that adds up really fast. So, I tried a new way. Trying to maintain stellar control on the road, that works amazingly well. I started the test trip at 430am on a friday in Seattle. Made it as far as Spearfish SD on the first day. All while staying between 80 and 140. The result was only needing to stop for gas. Granted, the gas stops were gas and blood sugar check and and and.. I pulled into milwaukee on Saturday around 10pm. Boom, Seattle to Milwaukee in less than two days.
So, what else has been going on? I have been taking party in some pharma/med studies. Its actually a pretty good deal. I did the Cebix study and was loaded up with their replacement c-peptide. I have to say after 6 months of that I am looking forward to living in a world where I can always have that available. While I had made some pretty good progress at getting sensation back in my left big toe while I was in the Cebix study I was rudely awakened one night by my big toes nerves coming back on line all at once. The pain was pretty sharp but only lasted a few minutes and since then, I can say that its back to 100%. For the last two years I have been on a Lilly test of a new Lantus competitor. I am not on the test drug, so as a control I am still on lantus. But, out of the deal I get all of my meds taken care of and a lot of office visits, and a doctor looking at my readings every week. To make that easier I have a bluetooth meter that uploads everything to a tablet ( kind of a piece of junk ) that then transmits everything back to home base. I am also running through test strips in quantities that no one would ever go through on their own. Try to talk your insurance into covering 15 tests a day...
Finally, I am also spending a lot of time at the Gym.

Congrats it sounds as though you know how to work the system. I am enrolled in the Cebix study as well, but didn't have any deficits to begin with so I have nothing to indicate whether I am getting the drug or not. Good part about the study is I won't have to pay for any lab work for a year and the cash payout in the end is pretty sweet too. My son has driven across country back and forth 3 times but he does not have D so it's fatigue not blood sugar that forces him to stop along the way. Once the Cebix study is over with next year, I'll see what else I can volunteer for, while my insurance covers 12 strips a day it would be nice not to have to pay the copay for them.