The last 5 Libre sensors

Have been very dependable -

I started putting them on the underside of my wife’s arm (THE MORE FATTY PART) major difference

Maybe folks having mixed results can consider that!

Just sayin -

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My last few sensors have been really dependable as well. I think they were having a quality control issue since I haven’t changed where I place them.

Mine start off ok for the first few days and then get less and less accurate (more and more blunted results)… readings progressively lower than actual though the actual pattern of rises and falls that are happening can be seen.

Then when I take them off I have a big lump where the sensor was inserted, and the wound then takes more than 2 weeks to heal…

I think I am having an immune response to the inserted sensor problem resulting in scar tissue… so while I love the idea of libre, I think I shall have to wait for the non-invasive technologies to be developed before I can really benefit fully, which is such a shame… cgm is such liberating helpful technology.

Invasive, but worth a look

Great news! Mine have been fine from the get go. Only problem is, my HMO will not pay for the 14 day and, when my 10 day authorization runs out they are throwing it to DME. And the new price is unaffordable. Sad.

I too have had better luck with my last few sensors and have found that certain lot numbers are much better than other, as my last few sensors are from the same lot numbers that are different from the previous one. I am still using Glimp, so am able to make the sensors read really close to my meter by calibrating the app, but I have had many from this set of lot numbers that do not need calibration, including the one I am wearing right now. Of course the reader is still reading low for them, but not as low as it did from previous lot numbers.

On the down side, Glimp, and all other third party apps, will not work for the 14 day sensors sold in the US. Due to that, I am trying to stay with the 10 day ones for as long as possible. I will probably stop using Libre once I cannot get the 10 day sensors unless Glimp has found a way to read the data from the 14 day ones and make Glimp work for them by that time.

Never had any luck with glimp - and not for lack of trying

You can contact the developer about the 14 day US thing

they get back quickly and are very responsive

Me, too. Just started a new topic post to mention it before I came upon these posts. Sorry for the dislocation.

Maybe Abbott got enough complaints that they revised their calibrations.

I sure am happy about the accuracy I am getting at the moment. I hope it stays that way with the sensors I have on hand to use.

When they first were available I had several issues with them and then it seemed to get better for a while. But now I’ve had several with issues again and they have sent me I think it’s 3 replacements in the last couple of months?

One because I had this huge bruise around it and they said take it off. That was sad because it was a very accurate one. But you couldn’t tell what was going on under the sensor. It turns out nothing was going on! I had this huge bruise about a half inch to a inch around it, but no bruise under it. The next decided to just stop reading, it wasn’t loose or anything and then the next one they replaced said I was LO for 8 hours straight. I was finger testing and I wasn’t low and plus my previous sensor was still functioning and it was giving different readings.

I just had another one I would have called in but since I just had so many I was hesitant to do so. But it was erratic, sometimes under 20 and sometimes under 40, I just couldn’t trust it, I discovered it started doing that after about the 5th day. Since we moved I have no Walgreens to just walk in and switch out, these were by mail order. Or I would have switched it! I have to say Libre was extremely nice and easy about switching them out. Maybe they learned it was a better way to handle it or I just got lucky who I talked to!

I was starting to feel there is a quality control issue with the leftover 10 day sensors as they are focused on the new 14 day ones. But I am switching to dexcom pretty quickly here, I just picked them up. Really not sorry to say good bye to the Libre as long as I have a CGM!