The link between cortisol/stress and blood sugar

I am wondering about the experience of members here with stress/cortisol and glucose. Recently I have discovered that drinking my own electrolyte drink seems to be directly correlated with sleeping better/reduced hot flashes at night. I don’t drink more water (I have never been super thirsty even when I have had signs of mild dehydration light dry lips, constipation etc.). I just add 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp salt substitute (measurements form Dr. Bernstein, but for 1 quart of liquid, when vomiting/diarrhea) and some magnesium powder. I am 55 yo and have decreasing estrogen, but I don’t consistently have hot flashes at night. I also see a correlation between hot flash frequency and if I have fasted for half the day the day before. Fasting is known to increase cortisol levels. Low carb can lead to mild dehydration, and the advice I have seen is to increase salt intake to combat this. Bright lights at night can also raise cortisol levels- if I pay attention to reducing bright light exposure at night, I also get fewer hot flashes. So my list of things that seem to raise cortisol and increase my hot flashes are: fasting, bright light at night, and being low on electrolytes, emotional stress. I am thinking paying attention to ameliorating high cortisol levels is good for blood sugar control as well. Thoughts?

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Sorry,never had any of these issues. Menopause was easy for me. I did not do any electrolyte drinks. Nancy50