The Long Slow Road to Hell

I found out today when I went to get some prescriptions refilled, that my insurance had dropped me. I was shocked. I asked the pharmacist to run it through again. She did and it came up not covered. I asked them again and again, and she said yours don’t show you’re on that plan…jeesh.

I was in the hospital this week. Gosh, was I covered for that or not?

I would like to think they would notify me if I was not covered. I would like to think they would give a reason. The only reason I can think of is that I am diabetic. So they drop me and don’t even tell me???

I can’t get to anyone on the weekend. It is state insurance…they don’t call it Medicaid, but it is. I do not have health insurance with my employer. If you make over $1000 a month, they drop you. Like after taxes, you can pay rent, buy food, utilities, maintain a car, and buy an insurance policy for health. I wonder if anyone will even insure me if I am diabetic.

Like I can afford it.

I hate this. It is enough with the diabetes, but then to have this happen.

How come the state insurance is acting like a private insurance company?

Oh so I call the hospital and they tell me I show that I was covered during my stay, and that I have prescription coverage right now. Weird. So how come the pharmacy didn’t fill my Rx’s…
Don’t you just love how complicated they have made this system???

So thanks God you are still insured,hope the pharmacy will clear this issue soon.Wish you the best always.

Hi Sohair, they weren’t very cooperative, it would have been better for them to say there was a problem and that either they or I could deal with the insurance next week. They have this “I don’t care” attitude.
Wishing you the best too. I had a friend who once got to go to see the Pyramids in Giza. Lucky him!

Yes, I had talked with her when I tried to get the meds, and several times on the phone. I called and got the name of the supervisor over the pharmacies, and when I called today, the pharmacist was more “cooperative.” She said she would try to find out what is going on. I asked why she didn’t do that before. Yesterday, it was this "oh, we can’t do anything about it, it’s not on our end."
I think they just don’t want to hassle with anything.
I know doctors’ offices are the same way. They don’t want to do pre-authorizations, etc. Gosh, when I look at that, I think, heck, that isn’t that much work. Maybe they get kickbacks for not getting certain drugs authorized from the insurance companies when they are reimbursed, who knows…but we all know MONEY is always at the bottom of everything!