The Lows Are Happening Again

I have been doing alot of working and not able to test my basal rate.I am a housekeeper at a motel and the job is physically demanding.On the 15th of May I worked and when I came home had supper and started a load of laundry.Then I went for a shower and usually after a shower my blood sugar always go down.Kinda strange,I think.But anyway,i remember blow drying my hair and feeling a little out of sorts but it didn't click in.I then went to fold the clothes that came out of the dryer.I remember having trouble seeing the color of the clothes.I guess I layed down on the bed,after that I must've went to the sofa.My son saw me and gave me some coke and panicked cause nothing was happening so he called an ambulance.They gave me some dextrose through an IV.When I came to and realized what happened I was so disappointed in myself.It has been 5 years before anything like this has happened.I got today off so I am relaxing and doing some basal tests.I hope and pray that this does not happen again.

Hang in there Dee! A low blood sugar like that would shake almost anyone up but it doesn’t make you a personal failure.