The Lunch Bag Bandit

At work we all share a communial frig. Every lunch bag must be labeled and dated. Everything seemed to be working fine but then thing where missing from lunch bag . Sometime the whole lunch would be snatched. As a diabetic I have my calories counted and the carbs ,fats and proteins.

After a few times of having my lunch disappear ;I took action. I made a batch of brownies laced with Ex-Lax and put them in my lunch bag. The next day I put my lunch in the frig with a note “WARNING DO NOT TOUCH!”

When lunch time came the brownies were gone. Later at brake time one woman was complaining of gastric upset. I keep saying maybe it was something you ate. As she was running for the rest room . I yelled ;“you got to be careful what you eat.” After that no ones lunch was tampered with.

I since read that this happens all over the country. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you deal with it?

Before I was approved to work at home, this happened to me a few times. The inconsideration of others is unbelievable. I hope you didn’t have any diabetic episodes due to her arrogance. I know it can be hard to find a lunch in the short amount of time some lunch breaks are. I really hope that person learned their lesson.

Hey Joe,
That was a good one. Smart thinking. As always, your sense of humor shines through Joe. Thanks for the sharing. I hope the lunch time bandit has learned a good lesson.

The exlax is good, but syrup of ipecac works quicker. Mix a little into the frosting on the brownies. just remember not to lick the knife or the bowl.