The most carbs you've EVER covered during one meal?

I decided to splurge today and went to lunch out with friends. I ordered a personal pizza, breadsticks and a slurpee from Pizza Hut. I knew it would be a carb-palooza but ended up injecting almost 30 units (half in a combo bolus) of humulog to cover about 160 worth of carbs. I was almost literally scared to take so much. Thats the most carbs I’ve EVER eaten in one meal and wont be doing that again for a long, long time. How about you?

I’ve consumed that much and more - it’s usually when I break down and eat take-out Chinese food. I don’t worry about the carb counts of food so much as the calorie count and maintaining good bgl’s. It was a bit freaky the first time I did it though. It wasn’t easy to just trust the insulin to do it’s job, lol. With dual-wave bolusing, it’s less scary. I just stretch that second wave out for an extra 30 to 60 minutes.

Dang, Kathy, that’s a lot of units! Did you guess correctly? How was your BG later? I don’t think I’ve ever bolused more than 8 units, but I’m still a newbie :slight_smile: Although I think Novolog units might calculate differently: 160 grams of carbs would work out to about 10.5 units for me, not 30…

Kathy what is your carb to insulin ratio if you do not mind me asking? I would be laid out on the floor if I ate that many carbs. That is more than the amount of carbs I am allowed in a day. The most carbs I have eaten were 75 and it was not a good thing. I had to take a very long nap after that meal. I felt so sick for several hours after my nap also.

My ratio is 1:6. I felt very sick too afterwards. I dont know what I was thinking :frowning:

It worked out to about 25 units of Humulog. Novolog is a little stronger than Novolog. After I ate, my blood sugar was actually a little high because I under estimated a little.

Just think though, non-diabetics eating that same meal are getting a large or possibly larger insulin infusion too. Somehow, having to press the button makes us so much more aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

A slurpee, huh? You just had to tempt fate! :slight_smile:

At the 7-11s around here in Southern California, you can get diet slurpees. They are in weird flavors, like Passion Fruit Mangolicious and such, but you eat them with the spoon-straw and everything.

Dear Kathy. Well exactly the same thing happened during the Canadian thanksgiving. I ate God only knows how much with meat and a lot of carbs: carrots, yams, parsnips, unsweetened cranberries (quite yummy once you get used to them).and of course pies and cakes. I injected 40 units of novorapid normally a fatal amount. I felt like the Russian noble before the revolution putting 10,000 roubles on the table and one cartridge in his revolver, spinning it, puting the barrel to the head and going click (hopefully). Well after two hours the blood sugar was still high and I injected another 10 units without dying. Next thanksgiving and/or Christmas meal I think it is better to leave home. It may be less damaging to find some place sacred in our area and meditate about starvation in the world.

Most I ever did was 180 g. I splurged on a piece of birthday cake. I actually hit the bolus pretty well. An hour after, I was over 250. An hour after that, under 200 and, back under 150 after 3 hours. Problem for me is trusting that the insulin on board an hour after will be able to get that 250 back down.

It was last month celebrateing my birthday in walt disney it was a buffet it was good but my first time carb counting inwdw. It was like 190 but NUMBERS were good two hours later and then starting climbing later so i bolused and then crashed so i went from extreme carbs to low carbs. But that icream with mickey mouse ears hit the stop. Have not had a since 94 in wdw.It felt good to see mickey ears getting eatin again.

I’ve tried the crystal light slurpees from the 711 they arent so bad but I have a soft spot for that regular cherry flavor :slight_smile:


Get out of here!!! Diet slurpee’s??? Really???

75 or 80 carbs about a month or so ago! I had chicken crispers from
Chili’s with corn on the cob. I will not be doing that again! I enjoyed it but felt a little sick afterwards. I don’t see how you ate that many carbs OMG!