The navigator II vs, D4 dexcom?

who's better and why? :-)

Please share!

Although you may find some Europeans on this website, most of us are from the USA and have no experience with the Navigator II. I personally find the Dexcom G4 to be the best CGM that I have ever used, but I frequently read of people who used the original Navigator who claim that nothing has been as accurate for them as the Navigator.

So unfortunately I can’t help you, but I look forward to seeing comments from people who might have more information.

Roche seems to be spending most of its resources on the Libre and IMO that will not be a good replacement for a full-featured CGM.

Kitty its a wharever works for you nav has always been reliable for me dexcom numbers never worked on my body not user error worked great on several people I know

Do you get the minilink in the us?

Kitty, here in the states we only have two devices approved by the least to my knowledge. We have one that is called the Medtronic Enlite and it works with the Medtronic insulin pump. I have used this device and didn't like it, personally. The insertion was painful and the sensor wasn't accurate for me.

I currently use the Dexcom G4 and am extremely happy with it!! I VLOG about my Type 1 Diabetes on YouTube. You can view my Dexcom video at: