The New Year with a Touch of Hope

I know that it has been a while and unfortunately this must be quick. Things have been busy here. Lots of gatherings and parties over the holidays. We were hosting a least one party a week which was kinda crazy.
In my past few blogs I had mention applying for a CMG and being rejected. I reapplied in late November and was approved incredibly quickly. I have learned that when writing an appeal get into the grit of what is going on. The first time I sent a brief summation of my problems. The second time I gave examples (passing out on the couch while low with the stove on, boiling water). Having an insulin reaction while driving with my 2 and a half year old son in the car. Letting them know that it is getting to the point that I am afraid to leave the house because I’ll have severe highs and lows while driving, exercising or in general public. I do go out and I do have reactions. Fortunately since I deal with these swings so often I know how to handle them and treat them swiftly. I haven’t had to go to the hospital in a while.
So I am approved for a CMG and will be peeking into the CMG group so that I know what problems to look for and how to handle them. I’ll do anything to stop this mid 200s all day for two days followed by constant 40s for 2 day and the roller coaster sugars afterwards. Hormone shifts drive me crazy. I know I will still have highs and lows, but being alerted when they start will definitely help instead of waking up, like I did a week ago, having cold sweats and seriously scary hallucinations.
Also I started seeing a psychologist who sees multiple diabetic patients. It really helps to sit and talk to someone and not constantly have to go back through basics about what Type 1 diabetes is, how it differs from Type 2 why I have to carb count, and the different tools I use. I am hoping that by adding the therapy and the CMG that my stress level will lower. We’ll see. I’ll let you know how things go with the CMG.