The next big step

I’m going to a diabetes class at Children’s on Thursday to begin the process of putting Jude on a pump. The Endo and Educators want us to put Jude on an Animas Ping because it has the smallest (.025) dosing increments of any of the pumps. We also did a “site insertion” on him last week to see how he would tolerate it. He didn’t seem as concerned with the poke as he did the fact that he had to be on his belly for a second. We were hoping that it would stay in for the full 3 days but it didn’t. It wasn’t any fault of Jude’s, though, he left it alone, but we took him swimming and the adhesive didn’t stick. It almost lasted a full 48 hours. Guess I’ll be buying the super sticky tape so we don’t have issues in the future. The tentative date for the actual pump is scheduled for September 21. We are really excited, as are most of our family members. They say that they will feel alot safer in keeping Jude now. I can understand that, I guess. To those that aren’t as comfortable with insulin sticks and dosing the fear sometimes outweighs the fact that he has to have it to have survive. I hope all the feelings subside when he’s on the pump. Sometimes dealing with diabetes makes me feel overwhelmed, too. I even have dreams about a tsunami carrying myself and Jude out to sea and me holding Jude above the water with all my strength while I am slowly sinking but kicking, kicking, kicking, back to shore. I see the rest of my family waiting for us. The waves are relentless. But I know I am going to make it although I usually wake up before my dream is over.
We’re still here, trucking on. Trying to deal with one day at a time.
I value the lives of my children more and more with each passing day and thank God for every one of them. I see all these other people around that let all the small, trivial BS affect the outcome of their days, weeks, years even and I know that none of that crap really matters in the end.

Good news about the pump Katie! I use IV3000 which is a second skin like tape that is comfortable and works well for me. There are several options to make sure the infusion set sticks. I find the regular medical tape and bandaids are not so comfy and not so effective, but thankfully most of the companies that sell pump supplies also sell a few options to help things stick!

Your dream brings tears to my eyes. Yep, it’s an everyday struggle, but we have to just keep kicking! And find joy in the reasons that it’s worth kicking :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, you will be thrilled with the Animas Ping, once you get over the learning curve. Pumping may or may not go smoothly the first month. Usually, the CDE/endo will err on the side of highs, until you get the basals on the pump. I would also get a prescription for EMLA or use LMX4 or 5 just in case Jude is less cooperative with site changes than he was with the first. You can wear the pump on the upper tush area if he does not like wearing it in the stomach. Thighs also, though the thigh may be more painful. I cannot imagine having to go through MDI with a very young child or toddler; the pump is much easier; dosing is easier; no more shots. I think your lives will improve greatly and you both will be very happy with the pump.