The next Holy Grail. Test for Microalbuminuria?

Some in the know predict ‘Test for Microalbuminuria’ (urine microalbumin) to be the next ‘big thing’. Even bigger than your blood pressure and A1c! (Actually all 3 tests combined, but with alot of emphasis on the urine test for ‘microalbumin’. To get good results in the ‘microalbumin’ test, good blood pressure control is important.

Do you follow and take note of your microalbumin score?

I get it tested at the same time as my HbA1c. I had to learn not to exercise in the 48 hours leading up to the test as exercise causes me to put out protein and I get a “bad” score. While the test is certainly more sensitive at detecting protein in the urine, you can have lots of risk of false positives (namely protein detected, but no kidney problems(.