The Not So Great but VERY Powerful Bolus

Arden's CGM vibrated on my leg. Earlier during the previews I asked Arden to give me her G4 so that I could monitor her BGs while we watched 'Oz The Great and Powerful'. The vibrations that her CGM sent through me were too intense to ignore and moments later I was greeted rudely by the message on it's small glowing screen.

Those straight down arrows strike fear in my heart so I'm thankful that I don't see them often. Even after 25 years with Type 1, diabetes is so hard but I just cannot imagine the fear and worry of a parent of a Type 1. Arden is beautiful and she is so lucky to have a great dad. Best to your family. :)

Oh my had me sitting at the edge of my seat. Handling diabetes in oneself is one thing....but in your child...a totally different scenario!
Many hugs!!

can you imagine having t1 76 years ago without pump...testing...etc...that was me...i was not yet 3. & we made it...

Yours is a wonderful and uplifting story shoshana27!

Thank you Linda and smileandnod for taking the time to read and for your kind words!

Be well,