The number "100"

How often do you get a reading of exactly 100? It seems to be the number most diabetics strive to maintain, but rarely does one see this golden number. I managed to get this reading only like 4 to 5 times in the 7 months I’ve had diabetes.

Think Ive gotten it one time. And it was right after I earnestly started treating my Diabetes and I remember saying to my wife " I think Im going low". and when I tested it and saw 100 she says thats perfect. I was like I feel like crap tho lol.

Since then I dance all around that number “100” but honestly only remember getting it the one time.

Great question Jonesy

not very often, so I took a picture!

I think it can also depend on your test strip batch. I swear sometimes I will get the same # 20 times in a week - like 116 or 129… Not many 100s. Lots of 98s!

Thats a pretty meter with the flowers and all lol

I score a 100 at least two or three times a year. Given I test 10+ times a day, that mean I hit the 100-benchmark no more than 0.05% of the time!! Awesome!

Cheers, Mike

It happened only once. I just stared at it like it was a freeky number. I am used to 70’s,80’s or 120’s-140’s. It is like a magic number? Better than 200 or 300.

Thats true Nancy…I dont look at it like a target number. Im told by the non diabetics around me I should. HAHAHA. “It is what it is…” in the words of Tony Soprano lol. I get alot of 106’s, 115’s 119’s and alot of 95’s,97’s . Depends what I am eating and when I worked out and what I did. Other than that…

Unless it’s your target, what’s the deal with 100:) Though come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing a 100 but a couple of times.


Oh well I tried. HAHAHA

Like I said…It is what it is…

Being 100 is one of those things that makes me smile REAL big no matter what. For some reason it is soooo much better than 98 or 101. Not sure why. But I just LOVE it.

It’s like winning the lottery! I’d say I hit that mark around 2-3 times a year.

Stylin’ meter skin, Marie!

In my “one-rat” clinical study review of my most-frequently-used meter, had 100 mg/dl 3 times in 234 tests (1.28%) over 39 days.
102 mg/dl, 4 times.
107 mg/dl, 3 times.

I can’t believe I was geeky enough to figure that out!

I also had ONE 104, just like the meter ads.

I managed to get 104 about 2 or 3 times I think. I wonder why they chose that number for the ads?

Maybe because it’s a nice round number that’s easy to see.

When I was first diagnosed I got 100 a couple times. It’s been almost five months and I really don’t want to ever see that number now unless I have a “cheat day”. I like to keep my BG in the 90’s or less at all times.

I “like” to keep my BG in the 90s, too. Whether that actually happens or not depends on a very large number of variables!

I was shocked…didnt think it would be a morning reading. Thats for sure. Think thats the second time ever. And I dont feel like crap this time so I must be getting better managing my diabetes.