The old city

In the dark caves,
In the narrow paths
In the forgotten streets of the old city
You will hear the soft sweet music
The nearly deaf city can hear the music
The poor sighted city
Will recognize me
When I will visit

9 December 2008

The old city was waiting
sitting on a bench
by the sea
the passers by looke at the old city
and moved away
they were going
to visit
the new city


The old city felt shaky
she reached for something to eat
but her bag was empty
no sweets
the old city looked around
there she saw a bee
with honey on her wings
the old city called the bee
she licked the honey
and then ate
the bee!!

good snack,
how many carbohydrate !!

The old city felt better
raised herself
walked by the sea
the waves came running
but were not
greeting her !!!