The one downside to pumping

I recently went back to the pump after trying Tresiba. It works much better for me…most of the time. Since I haven’t used a pump in a month, I had no spare infusion sets with me. My site felt a bit sore this morning, but I left it and headed to work. I react to sites in a way that basically shuts down insulin absorption, even using metal sets as I do. So I usually change a set out at the first signs of irritation, but not today.

Here’s how my day at work went:

I had an insulin pen with me and corrected every two hours, so I was getting insulin (I would have been in major trouble otherwise), but with no basal I just wasn’t budging. I put in a new set when I got home, and within half an hour had dropped down to 17.5 mmol/L with a down arrow, back into visible range, at least!

Moral of my story: it’s a good idea to always change my set at the first signs of irritation, and to keep a spare set in my bag.


Thank goodness you had insulin pen with you at work!. Yes, I learned this the hard way, too. I ended up keeping a pod on too long even though the site felt irritated. When I finally removed it, I had a bad infection. I still have scar tissue there even though it was a few years ago.


Thanks for the reminder. I just know that I am on the verge of forgetting to pack extra Pods.