The pentecostal is killing me

Post lockdown difficulties…mohe is on the loose.

All my tech is down. Omnipod is shipping a new pump. Until then, I’m taking massive amounts of syringe Lisipro (way more than NPH I took during covid and with what seems like WAY more BG variability). Is Lisipro a biosimilar?

My dexcom keeps falling off and its creating a terrible rash. That’s making me run short and go without them a lot. The Omnipod failed last week when the needle didn’t retract. I didn’t figure that out until I took it off and the PODs catheter poked me in finger and drew blood. The controller broke later in the week.

I know I had a partial seizure when I woke up in the morning some days ago.
That’s a red flag. I am not getting enough sleep. Sometimes, no sleep at all - too busy.

I was able to gain entrance into the lair of that Pentecostal late last night for about 55 minutes. I hurt his feelings a week ago and so have been banned. I approached twice, was spotted, and was forced to flee on foot. He has video cameras everywhere, so it is not easy to take him by surprise. But the 2nd time, his friend opened the door and I threw inside a bag of black licorice (which he likes) as a peace offering. I finally gained entrance around 1am. He’s definitely in love with me and smells of sawdust and fresh cut trees. He’s gorgeous, but very high maintenance. The physical demands of breaking this horse will, in all likelihood, kill me. But I am unlikely to stop. He’s like a drug. My only strategy is to play the long game…and hope that I hold up physically. He has the upper hand physically, but he’s completely outmatched by me intellectually and emotionally.

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Lispro is generic humalog.

I find taking lots of little shots of short acting as a basal requires more total daily units than taking a “real basal” (e.g. Tresiba or Lantus) once or twice a day.

Huey Louis is da shizz!

Ahhhh, of course. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! I can barley think straight…so little sleep. Thanks, Tim.

No, it shouldn’t be obvious that twenty units of Tresiba a day should be the same as 30 units a day of Humalog or Lispro (spread throughout the day). But that is my observation!

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Ahhh, it takes MORE, not LESS. I would need to check my TDD from the pump. I just usually start with a standard 30 unit does of MI basal (no matter which) and adjust from there.

Crap. You remind me that my controller is broken. I gotta go back into my paper records to access dosage information.

You know, I’m taking Lantus. I never had great results from Lantus. Maybe that has something to do with it. I prob should have just gone and got the NPH.