The perks of diabetes

I know for me, its the fact that it was a great excuse to pull a sickie so i didnt have to go to school and so i dont have to share my food “oooh, sorry! ive already bolused for it!” haha
what are the perks for you?

haha that is so bad,
I used it to get free chocolate when going low
and to get out of helping teachers and stuff
’can u help with the boxes’… ‘sorry miss i cant im feelin a bit wobbly’

I used the “free” hall pass for the schoold nurse… I love when I am having a bad day at work and I really want people to leave me alone I use “my bs is high” and every one leaves me alone…

haha yeah i do a simillar thing when i get told to do a chore “ehhh sorry mum, still recovering from that low” after a while she just forgets about it :wink: very sneaky!

oh lucky! when i was at school the nurse was rarely there so i couldnt take advantage of that… bummer, all those maths lessons i couldve left!