The Ph Miracle for Diabetics hm?

So I found this book for 5 bucks in the sale bin at walmart the other day - The ph Miracle for diabetics by robert O. Young. I don’t know if anyone has read this book but some of his points are “interesting”… he recommends sticking to a low carb, low protein high “healthy” fat diet. A diet low in acidic food accompanied by a handful of supplements… What made me a little sketchy however was the diet plan… a “liquid feast” as he says… a typical day consisting of soup and only soup, along with a gazillion supplements and this famous “green drink” with ph drops… apparently if you make all of his soup recipes and drink his lettuce juice it puts you on the road to “reversing” your diabetes. Frankly this sounds like a hoax to me… honestly who with any nutritional knowledge is going to live off of supplements carrot juice and soup for a day!!! the only thing that’s going to do is break down your muscle tissue because you’re getting zero protein and turn you into that bony blonde chick married to that scary good Charlotte guy with a bright future of osteoporosis. the ONE thing i’ve learned about this disease is the power of food, nutritional balance and elimination of deprivation. This guy may be certified with PHD but he’s not Diabetic, there is no miracle plan out there for diabetes, no matter what ph balanced lettuce juice you drink, the only miracle is the good 'ol natural miracle of exercise, balanced nutrition and vitality. I think I have a new argument for my up and coming university paper.

He’s probably a Ph.D. in something like Sociology.

Pure bogus nonsense.

Protein Power is about the only diet book I like. It explains the principles of low carb eating in a way that makes sense. It’s a balanced diet with fruits and veggies. Even more importantly, Dr. Eades actually eats the stuff he tells people to eat, which puts him in a different category from 98% of all diet book authors.

Bernstein’s book is worth reading too. His diet isn’t a miracle cure, but it works very well if you read the book carefully and do it the way he explains it. And with the newer insulins you can raise your carbs higher than what he suggests and still get excellent control.

But there will always be some bottom feeder coming up with a fad diet no real person could eat. These diets always have a hook and prescribe some obscure and often expensive food which if you eat it in some sequence no normal person can follow is supposed to cure everything that ails you.


I agree with Jenny on that one. I came across a Lady who said that she had taken her Type 1 Daughter off of her Insulin and put her on this “PH Miracle Diet” by Dr. Young. I tried to talk her out of it and explained that Type 1’s cannot live without Insulin. She said her Daughter was doing Great, in front of the rest of the Members but she privately sent me a pm and said her Daughter was struggling to survive with Diabetes. I was SOOO mad at her.

Personally, I don’t think she has a Daughter with Diabetes and this Lady might be slightly ready for the Funny Farm. Or she’s just trying to sell these books/diet to make money. It’s BS anyways.

LOL I love your comments on this book Jill. Here I am, a year after your post,reading this book - after I sought it out & bought it - and just the intro has me thinking the guy is a little looney. Ah, well, I bought to increase my knowledge of what foods can help neutralize acids in my body.

I’ve never been one to follow a strict diet of rules. But I like to empower myself with different opinions & perspectives. Then I take what I like from this and from that and create my own life plan that is flexible and changing. I am amused by the first ten pages of this book so far. Enthusiasm is great, but this guy is writing a book and trying to sound credible, yet he is lacking a certain amount of professional decorum for me to take him seriously!!

So, what did you decide to write about in that university paper?