The Problem with Being a Diabetic is

The Problem with Being a Diabetic is...

Well, you know we all have unique problems that we have to deal with, as diabetics. Carrying supplies can be a challenge sometimes, dealing with meals when you're out, and so on.

What are some of the more unique challenges, or funny things that have happened to you because of or related to your diabetes? Things that would not have happened if you weren't a diabetic?

Please keep it fun and light, its a game!

I think it may be the usual question: Which insect this year??

We seem to get invaded by a different one every year. One year it was earwigs, then wasps, then grubs, then ladybugs, last year it was ants. I did the clean and bottle or container everything also. Hopefully they’ll be a no-show this year. TW. We’ll see what other insect visits us instead.

Not unique but the one thing I’m not thrilled with is poking my fingers to see what my sugars are but I need to know.

I still giggle about it but it wasn’t funny at the time. When my Hubby(Boyfriend then) and I were 18 y/o we had gone to Toronto to visit my Siblings. My Sis was having a Fun party and I had a hypo during the party(of course) since I hadn’t eaten much. While I was hypo, my Hubby decided to put his finger in my mouth(not sure why)just as I clenched my teeth down. Luckily he had the skill of blocking out pain until after the trauma was over. I apologized and we both survived. :smiley:

LOL! Love the cat.

While I absolutely HATE being low, lows can sometimes result in some really funny experiences. The ones that always makes me laugh is when I am low and complete tasks at work that I later have no recollection of completing. This doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it just makes me laugh, because whatever I do in this state is usually completed perfectly. It’s like having someone else do the work for me!

We keep getting flies here for some odd reason. I clean the house thoroughly, change the cat boxes regularly, put up fly tape, and even bought a Venus Flytrap, and still, flies galore. I can’t figure it out…

…Cooking food differently for yourself that the rest of your family thinks is disgusting. (I recently discovered soy muffins, made from 100% soy powder. My hubby and oldest son thinks they’re nasty!)
I also have problems figuring out how to exercise since I also have PCOS and I don’t want to increase my aldosterone levels, and I also have L-5 Sciatica at the same time… Sometimes it seems like a miracle just getting out of bed. (Or it did before I got Physical Therapy and Chiropractic work done. Still occasionally challenging, but usually it’s like rice krispies on most days. You know, snap, crackle, and pop goes the joints for no apparent reason.)