The process for pump is finally in the works:)

Well today marks the day of my process of waiting for my hmos to say YES!!! FOR MY CGM MINIMED PUMP.Paper work is in . CROSS YOUR FINGERS THE REPLY IS YES! And that we will not have to apply again.Mixed emotions are spinning thourgh my head. Then i go to a pumper site and see a couple of kids not even a month old pumper already. And it brought tears to my eyes. But i only wish we had this technolgy when my brother was dx in the 70s they had to ring out old diapers to get his ready with glucose sticks which was not fun. And was not very accurate. Boy they came a long way. Well as i was saying its time i get into the pump world and join every one else in this carbo world we live in. Its going be a long journey in this whole new world. But i am going to celebrate when i MAKE IT HAPPEN. I WILL KEEP YOU GUYS POSTED. TAKE T.U. COMMUNITY. AND I LOVE YOU ALL. WISH ME LUCK.And any prayers and words of encouragement would be greatly apprecited. niters