The proof is in the PUDDING

Turkey,Pork and Beef were on the table this Christmas along with starters of Pat'e Prawn Cocktails Salmon and Shropshire Blue cheese sauce,followed by christmas pudding.sponge pudding,trifle and lots of different chesses wine spirits and soft drinks for those you do not participate in the hard stuff,with all this on the table and a big table it was and 15 family members scoffing as much as they could sorry enjoying the food placed before them,it is more than a little difficult to say no when offered such delights,I sat there feeling guilty thinking of all those people who will not have enough food on there table to feed their family this Christmas or the rest of the year,I thanked God for a table of plenty, but felt awful at the amount of food lleft after everyone had gone home,as a society we are very wasteful,when I was growing up you were lucky to have a hot meal every day and when food was placed before you you did not say i do not like that you got it down you as fast as you could no questions asked, so when I began working and could buy food myself I kinda lost the plot and gorgrd myself on stuff which has proved not to be very healthy for me,it is so easy to get a burger,hot chicken fish and chips with mushy peas or even a takeaway usually not giving it a second thought,it is only when you have a serious condition or problem you start to give it any thoughts at all well in my case that was it,since becoming diabetec I certainly give food more thought especially with heart failure gout and prostrate problems a little too late in my case to make all that difference being 64 in June but try I must,so sitting there with a feast before my eyes and mom use to often tell me my eyes were bigger than my stomach,I should coco I was as thin as a rake until i was 20 years old,watching family members enjoying themselves does make you realise waht you are missing often people think you are being funny if you say no thank you I have had enough or no thanks cakes and sweets send my blood sugars up, even today the World of diabetes seems to be cradled in folk law and pushed under the carpet,not in my case after two burst pipes we do not have any carpets downstairs they were all under water,the wife and I are going out to but a small boat or a dingy so we can float about our living room,althoug we had a horrible week it was full of sunshine when we saw our kids and granchildren,so all was not los,again I apologise for the spelling spell checker still on the critical list.


To family friends and anyone I might know or meet Happy New Year