The pump and everything that goes with it


Those who know us from CWD probably remember my ramblings and agonizing over which pump to put Adin on. I really thought we would put Adin on the Omnipod once it was available in CA but what became more important then the tubeless aspect for us was the ability to connect with a cgm. Adin isn't all that verbal being that he is only 2 and completely hypoglycemic unaware so the minimed with cgm became our pump of choice.

We will be placing our order soon. I think I have more bookmarks on info and products to order then I know what to do with. So if you have any favorite products you would like to share I would appreciate it.


I jsut want to say that I think you are very prepared for this decision! You have done your research and you are ready. We have used the Minimed since January and we are very happy with it. I cant wait to hear how happy you are once you get going with the pump!


Thanks. I am pretty excited but a little nervous too.


I’m not familiar with that pump, but I wanted to wish you well with your decision.


We are also in the process on looking in to pumps and Minimed with CGMS is on the top of the list right now!


GL with the new pump! Congratulations! Please let us know how it goes.


Congrats on making your decision! Pumping has been wonderful for us and I am sure Adin will do great! Keep us posted on the process!


Good Luck with the pump - I hope you post about how things are going with it! We are giving shots and I admit I’m not ready to go to the pump yet and I don’t think Olivia is either ( she can’t keep a bandaid on for more than 5 minutes!!!) I’m looking into the iport. Have you heard of it? I guess it’s a step before the pump? I need to do some research on it! Best of Luck!