The Pump: Pros and Cons

Been reading discussions for a while now. I’ve noticed that some people strongly advice getting the pump going as far as to insinuate its the only way to keep BS levels down etc while some others prefer not to get the pump.

I was hoping we could have a point based list of Pros and Cons to help Diabetics (including myself) make the right decision. Point based because most of the info out there is embedded in replies focusing on other issues and can cause some confusion and/or take a long time.


main pros: always having insulin with you available at the push of a button with no needle jab every time you eat, being able to match your basal output exactly
main cons: being tethered 24/7, sometimes insulin delivery is interrupted (vs a syringe which always works)

Pros: better fine-tuning of doses, being able to change basal rates (suspend, increase, decrease)
Cons: expense, scar tissue, mechanical failures (sets, tubing, pump itself, etc.)

What Dave said . . . .