The Quest of man with a mission

Set myself a task by the end of this decade to land a man on the Moon,if only I had one tenth of the determination as the great man himself,my task is much smaller but to me it is as great as that feat that was achieved in 1969,my task is relatively simple anyone could do it, where have I heard those words before oh I know cynics who open there mouth before they know what is coming out,met a lot of them on my journey in life,all I want to do is get into my YvesSaintLaurent shirt size XXL a simple task it would seem and yes I have lost 3 stone in weight but not a lot around my chest and waist looking back to when I was 17 and 10 stone or less where have the other 9 stone come from did I wake up one morning and find my trousers shirt coat did not fit of course not weight creeps up on you bit by bit a little more of that another hour on the settee watching TV midnight feast so tasty and satisfying that is where the other 9 stone has come from easy to put it on very easy but the DEVIL to get rid of it once your body has expanded to rollypolly size trying to get it to fir into a cupcake size is very very hard.
Not being able to do much exercise does not help do as much as I can and on my feet most of the day apart from the times I am falling downstairs of falling over due to light headiness,but a task I have set myself to get into that shirt and not feel as though a boa constrictor is squeezing around the chest and tummy so day 1 doing a few step up on the on the stairs.
Been so busy on the lappy this morning missed lunch not a good idea is it blood sugar 8.5 down from 11.2 at breakfast still high but getting there,stood up to go and get myself a drink of water not a good idea getting up fast need to let my brain know what I am doing before I do it if you know what i mean