The quest, the request, the plea

Two posts in a week, I am on a blog-posting roll! Here is one about my experiences as a visually impaired insulin pumper:

The Quest, the Request, the Plea

Thank you for this post. To tell the truth, I have often wondered why the pumps and meters are so hard to read. And have thought of people visually impaired. Do you think there is any kind of way to suggest/ put pressure on the manufacturers?
You can be proud to have gotten right in there and USED the pump! I enjoy your blogs maybe you'll keep up to 2 posts a week.

Hi Jen - great post, and oh so true. When I was in college (many years ago), I had 2 left-handed classmates with a similar story on devices being designed for right-handed people ! They vowed to go forth and influence the world to make better products for all-handed people. Being right-handed, I'm not sure how much progress has been made on that front either.
I wonder if the growing older population, with higher percent of vision and hearing 'challenges' may provide some marketing incentive to device makers.

Lets hope that Doctors lack of encouraging pumps to hearing/vision impaired patients doesn't slow the progress. If there's a will, there's a way.
There's hope, and every little bit helps ! Keep up the great blogs.

BTW, are you left-handed ???