The questions that define us!

There are sometimes in your life you don’t really expect you’ll have to fight with more strength than others but sometimes it just happens doesn’t it? That happened to me, when I got diagnosed, in February of 2004, with type 1 diabetes.

By that time I didn’t even knew what was the doctor talking about, my mom was really scared and still is about the fact that she thinks I can’t take it or manage it by my own.

That’s why I get mad with her all the time, I don’t like when people think that having diabetes is a limitation but I’ve realized that this happens because people aren’t really informed about what’s having diabetes.

I’ve turned diabetes into an amazing experience. Today, I’m happy to say that I love sharing my story with others; I believe being diagnosed with diabetes was in some way good for me. Now I do exercise more often, keep a balanced diet and take care of my weight which I really didn’t care too much before.

So I’ve decided to create the DSandCT to support, help and advice people in my situation, make them know having diabetes doesn’t means having a desease, because it is just a different way to live life!

I’ve learned that the best way to make a difference is being proud of the person you are and the challenges god makes you go through every day with no regret, so then the questions that define not just me ALL of us in this situation are: “why not to be in this fight?!” “Why not us?!”

I’m sure those questions make the difference in a world of darkness.

-Thank you.