The Rain

Hello Everyone.New to Blogs and this might not be the place for this but here it is.This is my first attempt at writing
something.I not sure if I call it a story,poem or a song.The first line came from a facebook friend of mine.He posted it on his wall recently and it inspired to write this.I hope you enjoy it and I want to say a big thanks to this community.I am feeling like
I am not alone in my struggles.I was failing but with your help and advice that I am getting from TU I can be and will be a good roll model for other Diabetics.Take care Bob

The Rain
The rain merges my past with my present,
Memories of my childhood fill my head
Running in fields without a fear or a care,
I wonder is this a dream or Heaven sent.
We learned about life from each other,
No worries what tomorrow would bring.
Carefree, fearless so alive were we,
We loved to dance, we lived ,we’d sing.

How have the years so quickly gone by,
We wanted to grow up so ,so fast,
Being with friends was such fun,
Now we want the days to just last.

People, Love came some stayed, some went,
We grew, changed for the good, for the bad.
Photos and memories are all that I keep,
Of the good life that I have had.

Now the years pass by oh too soon,
Dwelling on heartache and pain.
We forgot to cherish life as we once did,
When we would run in the rain.

Oh when will I run in the rain?
Oh when will we run in the rain?

Written by Robert Juhlke
Dec 9/09

Welcome to TuD Bobby! This is a perfect place for your “story, poem or song.” It is beautiful! It is kinda…how I feel sometimes =) Thank you for sharing it. Looking forward for more !

Love it…thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing Bobby! You should join the Poetry group