The real fight

I have mentioned our perception towards Diabetes but I haven’t talk about the world’s perception, I have realized that what others think really affects us.

Did I mentioned I went to a United Nations model in San Antonio? well, I was about not to go because my family thought it would be risky and dangerous for someone in my condition and I know they want the best for me but I don’t like when people underestimate all what can do specially when it comes to diabetes.

Fortunately I went and proved to myself that despite of having Diabetes I can do anything I want, I also proved to myself that neither Diabetes or what others think defines me as a person, today I see that the real fight isn’t against diabetes, NO.

The real fight is US vs. PERCEPTION.

What defines me?
My hope to win the real fight.

Tell me what defines you!

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I do think how we see our diabetes makes such a difference in what we pursue and what limits we set in our lives. Safety is important…, but so is being who you are. I remember feeling so powerful after I completed a stint of field work in Africa…unscathed:) I was in a remote area for 8 weeks working at a paleo dig site. I did everything to keep myself safe and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It truly was a life changing time…I realized, there really was nothing I could not do if I wanted to do it. I share this, because I hope that you learn this lesson early than I did. I was in my late 30’s at the time. I have never really looked back…I diabetes is a really interesting condition…because as hard as it is to live w/ it…it brings w/ it many creative insights that others postpone learning. Be happy, Be well…and chase your dreams:)