The Reports I'm Faxing my Doctor Tomorrow

Appointment time?

You got it. I dropped off the blood last week!!

I make them download my stuff. They always call two days before and tell me to download everything, but I refuse. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know your appointment will be perfect.

I have to give blood tomorrow for my medical insurance at work, wellness screening, first time for this, it will effect my rates, I am not a happy camper.

How’s that? A very important lesson we learned in all the Tae Kwon Do classes was that no one is perfect. I gunked up my numbers over the last couple of weeks because I decided to 86 the 84G of nuts I was eating pretty much every day as it seemed to cause anomalies here and there. It was sort of “boyinnngg” all over the place for a couple of days. Unfortunately the days where I was dumping off the blood were in the middle of it so my A1C will probably be “off”? Or at least if it is off, I have an excuse!! heh heh heh…

I do the same thing acid before each of my visits but instead of faxing I just email them to her. I have been boncing around lately with some crazy W’s and M’s on my CGM I swear I yell at that think like 2 times a day and tell it to pick a spot and stay on it lol it never seems to work though. Good luck man hopefully you will workout those bg kinks and get back to flat lining!

Emailing seems very efficient but I am sort of fax oriented? I think I am back though…

i would suggest mailing or even drop off personally.
they can easily get ‘in quite a fit’ if all the pages then jam their system etc.

diplomacy may be prudetn here.

our workplace often received many 1 page faxes.
but i remember when we received multiples,
the machine would always jam up (??) and we were not happy campers.

but no reason you cant try

My new endo takes my pump and downloads it himself. Which is a good thing because I wouldn’t know how, and I use a Mac anyway. Us older folks have a right to be technologically illiterate! :slight_smile:

Wow!!! That’s a lot!! They download everything or I just email it at the place I go. Do you suppose that they put all of that in your file? It would get quite hefty after a while. I know my file is about 2-3 inches thick after 8 years. Soon they’ll have to ask maintenance to bring the file to the front desk. I am sure that you are going to have great results! Good luck!

That is an amazing 24-hour average!!! I am so envious! I could only ever do that if I fasted over 24 hours.

That is nice running slightly low at times but all in all a beautiful graph good job man!!

I wish my endo had an email. Who has a fax at home these days?

I am envious! How long did it take you to learn to run your numbers in normal ranges (just curious if you experience many lows doing this)? Is this possible because of your CGM? Do you low carb?? lol lots of questions! Teach me your ways acidrock haha Keep up the good work!!

I agree that faxing seems cumbersome. I am not sure why they don’t prefer email but if they ask for faxes, I work for an insurance company and our fax machine can throw down.

Thanks guys. I was dx’ed in 1984 so that would be about 27 years? Pumping since 2008 and a CGM since last April were the big differences. I do not low carb, although I think of it as moderate carb?

I still am sort of bummed my control wavered here recently because I had really been smoother just before that but outside running season is coming up and I have some races and wanted to see about losing a little weight and whether or not the nuts might also be making more work than they are worth foodwise. If my A1C is a up a bit it won’t be the end of the world but I’ll be a little disappointed too. Oh well.

I like to look at the reports so we can talk about the same things? Usually I don’t ask questions though, since I figure I know everything (LOL) or because my logs still suck. None of that stuff has “exercise” on it as I haven’t figured out how to log it on the reports, although some of them have a spot for it?

Very impressive. Personally, I am a very environmentally friendly kind of guy, I’m sure you could reduce that to all fit on one page and fax it in very fine mode.

Second. Although a 74 average over a 24 hour period is a great accomplishment, I have to caution that there are perhaps good reasons to “not” spend significant amounts of the day below 70 mg/dl. It actually looks like you have modified your target range to have a lower bound of 60 mg/dl. Is that true? Do treat below 70 mg/dl?

You know there are people here who routinely run high all the time out of fear of hypos. But there are also people who deliberately run low to avoid high blood sugar and get good averages. I can see the tendency in myself and I know it is not good. And I don’t even want to mention "banking lows."

I think you have been very fortunate, whether it is remaining beta cell function or whatever. You can eat pretty freely, exercise and your blood sugar is pretty much rock steady. I’m just sayin that there may be some tradeoffs you want to consider in not being “too low.”

LOL, on one page it wouldn’t be legible!! That’s actually some slightly lower #s w/ lower Std Dev from December and then I also printed off the daily reports for the last two weeks. The 74 isn’t “average”, that’s the reading at that time. The averages in the report for the same period came to 95 meter/ 91 sensor. The 74 is also a few hours after I’d run 3 miles of intervals up to 9 mph on the treadmill.

I have it set to 60 mg/ dl for the low because I am usually on top of it anyway and I usually run fairly level overnight so I don’t mind a slight drift into the 60s and don’t want it bleeping at me or whatever. I usuallly overbolus for dinner and then lay off of it at bedtime so I don’t have more than a whiff of IOB @ bedtime

I am sure my doc will say the same thing! I am still not convinced that, as long as you are stable, running along in the 70-90 range is that bad? When I hit 60, I can still perceive it so while some of the symptoms have gone away, they are still lurking there for more castastrophic lows. “Stable” is more my goal than “low”