The RIGHT food to eat

Hey Everyone,

So I don’t know about you, but I personally am not a fan of going to the Endo. When ever I do it turns into a lot of DON’T do this and DON’T eat that and make sure you are on a regular eating and sleeping schedule and get plenty of exercise. Sometimes I just want to yell at them and be like ‘hello! I am a college student. I have late nights and my schedule is never the same 2 days in a row.’ They tell me what I CAN’T do, but never what I CAN do so that is why I am reaching out to you all. What are some things that you like to eat that doesn’t spike your blood sugar way way up? Any tricks or advice? Please post and help me out.

Thank you!

Lindt 70% dark chocolate
Cream in my coffee
Vinaigrette (oil and vinegar) dressing on salad

One thing to remember…different foods affects us differently. Some food that one can tolerate (bg wise) may not be the same with another…something I learned when I was first diagnosed…and continuously still learning.

Im nuts for nuts…love cheese and peanut butter, sugar free jello (all flavors), berries (dipped in yogurt), eggs (omelet, boiled, fried, scrambled, salad) and popcorn.
I walk a lot and drink plenty of water…
Hope this helps a bit =)

I like meat. Lots of it. The fattier the better.
Eggs are a great choice, same with cheese.
I also have great luck with my salad at lunch. It is always based on a spring mix (baby lettuce) with whatever low-carb fruits and vegetables I can get into there, with olive poil and balsamic vinegar. I make sure to keep it under 15 g CHO, and usually put tuna or something in there.
That reminds me, Tuna is another great snack, mixed with olive oil aioli!

Gigi -

There is no ‘right’ food to eat. Each of us is so different and the trick is to find the foods which are right FOR YOU.

In general, the lower carb a food, the less it will spike your blood sugar. But each of us will react differently. So try out different foods and then test your blood sugar and establish some patterns.

Just to show how different we all are: for myself personally, I can tolerate small croissants just fine, but wholegrain bread sends my BG into the stratosphere and keeps it there for hours. Rice noodles spike me, but egg noodles are OK. Gram for gram, corn tortillas spike me more than potato chips. Timing is important too. First thing in the morning, even hot water can raise my blood sugar.

So, just keep testing to find out what works for you.

Yeah thank you guys! I definitely want to eat healthier for starters, something that I find hard considering college is full of snack foods and deep fried dinners. Thankfully my sweet tooth has calmed down a bit and I try to avoid the sugar free/no sugar added things because they are just as bad for you. I will definitely take your advice and try out and see how different foods affect me. Keeping it under 15g can be difficult for me because I am a big bred lover, but it is always worth a try. =)