The Seagull knows when food is about the fish cannot see the nets below so up and up they go

You wake up some mornings like in a dream state not fully awake and not asleep for a few moments in the scheme of things diabetes heart problems gout and all the rest never enter your mind,for once you are at peace with yourself and the World, then it all comes rushing back like a train speeding to it’s destination you give sigh and the daily routine starts get out of bed this in it’s self can pose a problem being 17 stone trying to get this body of mine mobile needs more effort than I can muster but after 3 or 4 attempts of doing gymnastics with my body my legs are finally hanging over the bed gravity then takes charge putting my pants on trousers slippers and shirt id like watching the keystone cops not being able to lift my arms above my shoulders and trying to balance on one leg without falling over while I put one get then the other into my trousers should be on you tube by this time my mind is in full operation if only my body was in sync then all would be fine the mind is 17 years old raring to go but the body is 64 and has no chance of doing what the mind tell it, it wants to it really does but eventually I hobble downstairs taking each step at a time holding on to the bannister’s for dear life walk into the kitchen put the light on for it is still pitch dark at 4am fill the kettle ans sit down until I can catch my breath and the giddiness goes away.

After 4 or 5 minutes I am back to normal not the normal everyone wants free of the beast(diabetes) and free of having half of my heart working the other half died on August the 4th 2004 in a massive heart attack not that I can remember much about it I live in World where moving and doing things in proper time no longer exist I live in a universe where my movements are slow compared to everyone else they say there are multi-verses lots of universes all living side by side or one inside the other I could be speeding along like the road runner next to me only out of phase by a minute part of a second and I will never see or be able to touch it,all I can say is I hope you that is me has none of the problems I have live your life to the full for me while I struggle on so slow my shadow overtakes me some day,time for victoza and morning pills here goes…done insulin with breakfast then I can get back to slow verse and see what the day brings as the tortoise said the the rabbit where you are wanting to go will wait.

Lovely, just lovely.