The Search

Sitting at my computer at home on a lovely Saturday afternoon, I was searching for an excel spreadsheet to use to record and track my BG readings. Yes, I know that there are commercially available software out there. But why pay the $$$ for something that is already out there and supported. Besides, I need to learn more about excel so why not kill two birds with one stone.

My search brought me to a excel spreadsheet that ws just what I wanted and it was right here on this website!!

I wish I could remember the name of the person that posted it so I could give them credit. But it worked out great and I am learning more and more about excel just by playing with it (I “play” with it in a file separate from my recorded reading).

Once I was here I started reading and I was hooked. I found more information I could use directly on this site then I did on other sites that doctors had told me about or the ADA website. Not to mention the greatest group of friendly people I have come across on any website.

So you bet I donated. The amount doesn’t matter but if you really want to look go to the right and click on get involved and look for my name (Jonathan Sparks). You will see my name along with many others who know what this site means to them. How can you put a dollar amont on caring and support. More information and ideas. For laughs and tears. For sharing.

This is the best diabetes website out there and we need some help to keep it going. Please, look to the right and find the Get Involved but and click on it. Give what you can. Everything helps.

I used to watch the Jerry Lewis telethon for MD and it always amazed me how fast those numbers changed in the last few hours. If you are one of those that waits until the end to donate well…we are coming to the end very quickly.


Jonathan Sparks
a.k.a bropkenpoe

Jonathan, what a nice blog! You’ve become a valued member of the community here. I came to TuDiabetes in a similar way, I was looking for answers, and I found them, plus so much more. I wish I could have donated more this year, but we do a lot if we can get lots of small donations too. You’re right, everything helps.

Very touching and inspirational !

What web site was that excel spread sheet on you referred to?!!? I have my own I created, but always looking for better idea's to use or incorporate!

snpsht70, I found the excel speadsheet on this site. If you go to the upper right hand corner on any page on the site you will see a box where you can search Tu. Put in excel spreadsheet and it will return like 31 pages of hits. All kinds of stuff in there.