The Sermon

Once a Zen master just set down to pronounce a sermon, when outside a bird started to sing. The master did not say a word and everybody listened to it.
When the bird stopped singing the master simply announced that the sermon was over, and he moved away.
-The Spirit of Zen, Lo Zen, by W. Watts

True creativity and alertness only arise when emptiness has seized the mind.
I am halfway there.
My mind is empty.

Ellen, we have 2 plastic bird nests hanging under our eaves. Every year Warbling Vireos move into our yard, making a first nest in one of them and their second nest in the other. Like Robins, they have a high tolerance for people. In fact, one year the male and the rest of his family lined up on our fence, the male singing straight to us. This year and at this time, the male is warbling his song in a tree near the second nest, still with young in it. Mama flies in and out. His song is short and sweet, he pauses and then sings again, over and over. When all of his family is grown up and they migrate, our back yard will be a little lonely and empty of sound without them. As for my mind being empty, ummm, well...

This is all so beautiful!

Trudy, Thank you for telling about the lovely experience you get to have every year. I think you are very lucky. We have a few birds here that really stand out as beautiful singers this year. One wakes me up every morning!