The Skinny - What you should know


I am Neil Greathouse, husband to Gina and father to 3 amazing little kids. I have Type 1 diabetes, I’m on a 722 pump and eating really low carb. Reeeeeaaalllllyyyyy low carb.

I got kicked in the nuts by the betes when I was in the military during flight training and pressure chamber training. It was too much stress for my body and it just shut down. There’s a small piece of coal where my pancreas used to be.

Ever since then, I’ve been trying to manage my job (creative director at New Life Church), my home life and bodybuilding career.

I’m lying. I am not a bodybuilder. I haven’t even been approached to play one on TV.

You can follow me here or on Either way, you’re gonna laugh. Because if you can’t laugh at this thing…then you’ll probably cry.

hey Neil - a little more pressure and that coal pancreas woulda turned into a diamond :wink:

welcome to Tudiabetes!

LOL! Funny!!!

This forum has helped me keep the diabetic nut kicks to a minimum. At least I can breathe every once in a while.

Hey Neil!
I think it’s great that you’re a father and a husband and a creative director!! =) what sort of field are you in? Graphic design… ?
I want to talk to you about the low carb stuff. I did that for a really long time after being diagnosed about 5 years ago… and it did wonders. Then I got really sick and was pretty much out of commission for a week and had to start eating more for energy.
What is a regular day for you? meal wise… and how do you like the pump? I’m afraid of it… but I feel it would be a good thing to really look into.

Thanks! Hope all is well!